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Dream interpretation - Waves


The interpretation of seeing calm and clear waves in your dream means renewal and clarity. You reflect on some important life decisions that must be made. Alternatively, if you walk on the wave, the interpretation is that you try to control your feelings. The waves also symbolize the potential and the power. If you hear the waves in your dream, the interpretation represents sensitivity and relaxation. They also bring feelings of sensuality, sexuality and peace. If a wave takes you away, then the interpretation represents an overwhelming emotional issue that requires your attention. You may have kept negative feelings and emotions inside of you, for too long. You could choke back your tears that you're afraid to show in waking life. On a positive note, the interpretation of the waves means the removal of old habits. If you are drift away, the interpretation is that you are ready to try a new beginning in a new place. The interpretation of seeing muddy and violent waves in your dream indicates a fatal error in an important decision.

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