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Dream interpretation - Trees


The meaning of dreaming about green trees is related to new hopes, achievements, desires, knowledge and life. It also involves, power, protection and stability. You concentrate on your own self-development and individualization. The meaning of dreaming about climbing a tree is related to your career goals and obtaining of higher positions in life. The speed with which you climb the tree is a parallel with the speed of achieving these objectives. If you stand alone under a tree, the interpretation is that you have time to reflect. You think about an important decision. If you stand under a tree with someone else, the dream's interpretation is that you evaluate the relationship. The dream may also mean satisfaction with the current situation. The meaning of dreaming that you prune or cut a tree is that you're wasting your energy, time and money on foolish pursuits. Alternatively, the dream's interpretation may be related to your sexual fears or guilt. The dream's interpretation of a fallen tree is that you lose your temper and balance. Maybe you're off the road and driving in the wrong direction. The meaning of dreaming about a sear or fallen tree is that your hopes and dreams were shattered. You are dealing with instability and failure in your life. Alternatively, the dead tree's interpretation is related to infertility or lack of virility. Maybe it represents an end of the family line (as in family tree). If you dream about a leafless tree, the dream's interpretation is energy depletion. You put everything in a relationship or work, and now you're exhausted. Maybe you are even depressed. Alternatively, the dream's interpretation is related to life cycle or time. The meaning of dreaming about perched crows in a withered tree is the end of a cycle or behavior. It is representative of death.

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