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Dream interpretation - Teeth


If you dream that your teeth are rotten, then the dream's interpretation is that you said something you should not have to. You may have spoken a few false or wrong words, and these words come back to haunt you. The interpretation of dreaming that your teeth are shinning is related to happiness and fulfilled desires. The interpretation of dreaming about washing your teeth is related to your level of confidence, your struggles and your aggressiveness. You need to pay attention to you and your own interest. Perhaps you feel that your position is shaky. If you dream that your teeth have fallen and you're trying to put them back in your mouth, then the interpretation is related to a lack of confidence in yourself and embarrassment. You're afraid to let others know of your little flaws. If you acted calm in your dream, then the interpretation might be about how you can best handle any situation. You are able to rise above bad circumstances.

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