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Dream interpretation - Tattoo


The meaning of dreaming that you have tattoos represents the sense of individuality and the desire to detach from others. You want to be unique and different from everyone else, especially if you don't have any tattoos in real life. Consider, also, what kind of tattoo it is and what does it mean in your life. It may be something that left a lasting impression on you. Alternatively, The meaning of dreaming about having a tattoo is that a real situation or decision has a much longer effect, compared to how you expected to be. If you dream that someone close to you has a tattoo that in real life doesn't have, the interpretation is that he or she is trying to express themselves in your relationship. He or she wants to get your attention and communicate an important message. Maybe you ignored or overlooked something in the relationship. If you dream that you are a tattoo artist, the interpretation is that your exotic tastes and strange experiences can stop those around you. If you do tattoos in real life, then the dream is just a reflection of what you are. If you dream about a dragon tattoo on your wrist, then the interpretation is that you are looking for attention. You want to be recognized and rewarded for your efforts and positive actions.

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