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Dream interpretation - Speech


The meaning of dreaming about making a public speech is that you need to aloud express your feelings and your thoughts. You need to communicate something important and / or urgent. Alternatively, The meaning of this dream might be related to your fear and nervousness of speaking in public, especially if you have to make a speech soon. Consider the attitude and behavior of the public. Maybe you're afraid of being controlled for your actions, or of being judged by others. It is also a type of anxiety dream, where you feel exposed. The meaning of dreaming that nobody listens to your speech is that you are not recognized for your work or your accomplishments. Perhaps you feel ignored or neglected. The meaning of hearing someone making a speech in your dream is that your inner feelings are known to those around you. Consider what is said in the speech. If you hear a politician making a speech, then the dream's interpretation is related to selfishness and deceit.

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