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Dream interpretation - Sky


To dream that you look up at the clear blue sky, the dream denotes hope, possibilities, creativity, peace and freedom of expression. As they say, 'sky is the limit”. If the sky is cloudy, overcast, the dream's interpretation is related to sadness and trouble. The meaning of dreaming about a green sky is related to great expectations. Strange color of the sky attracts instantly your attention. The green color and the sky, together represent hope, nature and creativity. So these are the qualities you need to focus on. The dream's interpretation is also related to a positive perspective and a prosperous future. The meaning of dreaming about a red sky is that a danger is coming. Alternatively, the dream's interpretation is that something is coming to an end. If the sky is white, the interpretation is related to your wishes. If you dream about a colored sky, the dream denotes romanticism. The meaning of dreaming that the sky is falling is related to your fear of the unknown. You feel that your hopes and dreams were crushed. Maybe you were too idealistic and the dream is an attempt to bring you back to reality. The meaning of dreaming that something is falling from the sky is that you have a pessimistic attitude. You lose the perspective of a situation. If the object is approaching and casts a shadow on you, then the dream's interpretation is that you are underway to ignore some situations. You need to get out of the shadow and get a different perspective on things.

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