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Dream interpretation - Skin


The meaning of seeing your skin in a dream represents a heightened sense of vitality and sensitivity to touch. It symbolizes sexual impulses and physical desires. The meaning of dreaming about your skin represents protection or self shield. The dream serves as a physical limit and how close you let others to reach you. Alternatively, The meaning of your own skin indicates that you are too superficial. If you dream that your skin is covered with rashes or other skin deformities, the interpretation represents your fear of facing a harsh reality. You're afraid to make a bad impression. The dream may also be a pun that you make a hard decision. If you dream that your own skin was burned, the interpretation is that you are you willing to let your guard down. The line of defense was compromised. This dream may also be a metaphor that says 'you can be burned” or be humiliated by a person or in a situation. If you dream that your skin is orange, the interpretation means self-love. You are happy with who you are. If you dream that your skin has a different color, the interpretation is that you're not honest with yourself. Watch the specific color for extra interpretation. If your skin is darker than your real skin, then the interpretation is that you try to hide or interfere in scenery. If your skin is brighter than in reality, the interpretation represents fear. Alternatively, it may be a sign of disease. Maybe a call to the doctor would be ok.

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