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Dream interpretation - Ship


If you dream about a ship, the interpretation is that you explore issues related to emotions, which are subconscious too. The state and the condition of the ship indicate your emotional state. If you dream about a cruise ship, the interpretation is that you have feelings of aggression. If you dream about a pirate ship, then the interpretation signifies suppressed desire for freedom and adventure. If you dream you navigate on a ship on the high seas, the interpretation is that you still stand vertical, despite the emotional turmoil, occurring in your life. If you dream that a ship crashed or sunk, then the interpretation is that you feel emotionally out of control. You express some fear or insecurity in emotional state. You're afraid to lose something close to you, because of certain difficulties. If you dream that you abandon the ship, the interpretation is related to your need to go further. Your emotions can pull you back. You can also consider the expression 'leave the ship”, to indicate that something is changing sides.

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