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Dream interpretation - Roof


The dreaming interpretation of a roof is that there is a barrier between two states of consciousness. You protect or preserve your consciousness, mentality and beliefs. The dream is offering you an overview of how you see yourself and who do you think you are. The meaning of dreaming that you are on top of a roof is endless success. If you are falling from the roof, in this case the interpretation is that you don't have a firm grip and a solid foundation on an advanced position. If you are dreaming that the roofs are retreating, so as you move from one roof to another, then, The meaning of this dream is that there is no way back, once you go forward with your goals. You need to maintain the course and continue to advance. If you raise roofs in your dream, then, the interpretation is that you need to rise above your goals. The meaning of dreaming that the roofs have leaks is that there are distraction, anger and unwanted influences in your life. New information reveals itself slowly towards you. Something, eventually, gets to you. Alternatively, The meaning of this dream is that someone imposes and inserts you his thoughts and opinions. The meaning of dreaming that the roof is falling is that your high ideals collapsed. Maybe you need to rethink your expectations or your big goals you've set for yourself.

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