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Dream interpretation - Road


The interpretation of dreaming about a road is related to your sense of direction and how you watch your goals. If the road is winding, curved or bumpy, then the dream's interpretation is that you will encounter many obstacles in achieving your goals. It is possible you have encountered unexpected difficulties. If the road is closed, then the interpretation is related to the controversial or terrible choices that you made or do. If the road is flat and bordered by trees and flowers, then the dream's interpretation is a continued progress and constant ascent on the social scale. If the road is straight and narrow, then the interpretation is that your road to success is taking place as planned. If you dream about an unknown road, the interpretation is related to a way that you have not ventured on. You want to set a new precedence for something. If you dream a menacing creature is on a parallel road, the interpretation is that a hostile situation or person meets you in real life. It is an obstacle that you have to overcome, no matter how daunting is the situation or person that appears.

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