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Dream interpretation - River


If you dream about a calm and clear river, the interpretation is that you just go with the flow. You allow your life to float away. It is time to have a more decisive role in leading your life. Alternatively, a river's interpretation represents pleasure, joy, peace, prosperity and fertility. If you pass a river in your dream, the interpretation represents an obstacle or a problem that you need to cope with, in order to move it closer to your goal. It also reflects a new phase in your life. If the river is dirty, then the interpretation is that you are in crisis. If you dream of a raging or overflowing river, the interpretation is that your life is out of control. You feel emotionally disturbed. Alternatively, the interpretation of this dream is that you are ready to deal with challenges and life's turns and to transform yourself. If you dream that a river is made by flowing red chili, then the interpretation is related to your primary emotions, or intense passion or anger that flow through you, and the desire to express themselves. If you dream that you bathe in a river, the interpretation represents purification and cleaning.

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