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Dream interpretation - Pool


The meaning of dreaming about a swimming pool represents relaxation, tranquility, luxury and comfort. You need to take a break. Alternatively, The meaning of this dream is that you need to recognize and understand your own feelings. It's time to dive in and to deal with these emotions. You need to clean and wash the past that hurts. Take into account the depth of the pool. If you swim to the bottom, then the interpretation is that these emotions are deep and it can be difficult to confront them. You will need to work for it, no matter how difficult it is. If you swim in a shallow, the interpretation is that you should be able to easily take care of your feelings. If you dream about an empty pool, the interpretation is that you literally feel empty and devoid of emotions. If you dream that the pool is full of trash, then the interpretation is that you have a lifestyle full of excesses. You need to mitigate and to throw some negative emotions in your life.

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