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Dream interpretation - Passion


The meaning of dreaming that you have a crush on someone is a literal reflection of your attraction and fascination for that person. To see this person in your dream represents your current passion for him/her. If you think of this person during the day, then it's not surprisingly the fact that him/his image appears in your night dream. If you dream frequently the person you like, which you fell in love with or if you dream that he/she replies back to you, then your dream might tell you it's time to share your feelings with him/her, especially if you dream well about this person. Only good things might happen if you confess yourself to the person you are in love with. Even if he/she is not interested, at least you can move on and stop allotting him/her useless time. The dream's interpretation about a former love is related to a certain time in your life and what you felt then. Maybe a relation from your waking life repeats by the same pattern. The meaning of dreaming the person you fell in love with repels you or is against you is related to your insecurity and anxiety feelings. The idea of not knowing what this person feels about you makes you crazy. Supposing that he or she repels you, before knowing what he/she actually feels about you, saves you and doesn't let you get hurt. Because you are afraid of finding out what this person truly feels for you, might be easier get over this if you believe that the feelings are not mutual.

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