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Dream interpretation - Movie


The meaning of dreaming about watching a movie is that you analyze your own thoughts and yourself from an objective point of view. Alternatively, it represents old and past memories. Perhaps there is something you can learn from the past. The meaning of dreaming that you develop a film is related to a 'developing” relationship or situation. Alternatively, this dream's interpretation is related to the completion of a project or activity. You are ready to enjoy and benefit from the fruits of your work. Think about the image that is being developing. If the image on the film doesn't appear, then the interpretation is that you are not ready for the outcome of a situation. The meaning of dreaming about watching a movie is that you watch how life goes on around you. Maybe you live, indirectly, by the actions of others. Consider also how the film draws parallels to situations in waking life. Observe how the characters relate to you and how they can be an aspect of yourself. The meaning of dreaming about playing a role in a movie is that something in your subconscious is about to occur or be revealed. This can also be memories of your past images. Alternatively, the dream can lead you to a new role that you could assume. Your subconscious is psychological preparing you for this new role of yours. The meaning of dreaming that the movie screen is empty is that you try to distance yourself from an aspect or emotion. Or you feel excluded from some situations. Alternatively, the blank screen symbolizes a lack of accomplishments. You feel that you have nothing to look back for.

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