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Dream interpretation - Mouth


The meaning of seeing a mouth in your dream is related to your need to express yourself or talk about a problem that bothers you. Alternatively, The meaning of this dream might be that you said too much and you have to keep your mouth shut. Especially, if you dream that your mouth is dry, then the interpretation is that you lost your words. You have a problem in expressing your feelings. Alternatively, the dream may be a physical reality that you are very thirsty. The meaning of dreaming that you or someone else covers his mouth is that you are prevented from fully expressing yourself. It also indicates that you talk too much and you need to know when to shut up. If you cover one's mouth, the interpretation is that you fear of being exposed. Or maybe you're afraid to hear the truth. The meaning of dreaming that someone hits you on the mouth is that you are literally prevented from expressing your anger and other negative emotions. Someone tries, also, to force his opinions and beliefs on you. If you feel pain in your mouth when you wake up, then 'the pain” may be a result of your tensed jaw during your dream.

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