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Dream interpretation - Loss


The meaning of dreaming that you lost something is that it's possible that you really lost something and you didn't realized it yet. The dream may also be for you a kind of signal of cleaning and reorganization in your life. Maybe you're overwhelmed and distracted from the bustle of everyday life. Alternatively, the loss of something often coincides with a significant life change or a problem in waking life. On a symbolical note, The meaning of losing things in a dream represents lost opportunities, relationships from the past and forgotten aspects of yourself. Personal associations on things lead you to the loss of the key problem, in an emotional sense and of The meaning of your dream. The meaning of dreaming that you lose pregnancy is that an idea or a plan did not work as expected. The dream may also serve as a warning against your actual course of action. You have to change your way or you risk losing something meaningful and valuable to you. Alternatively, The meaning of this dream might be that you have been wronged in some way. If you are currently pregnant, then dreams in which you lose pregnancy are common in the second trimester.

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