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Dream interpretation - Kiss


The meaning of dreaming about a kiss means love, affection, peace, harmony and contentment. In particular, if you dream of your first kiss, the interpretation can only be an anticipation of experiencing the first real kiss. This dream is also a symbol of love of the youth and romance. Maybe the dream tells you that you have to put some more romance in real relationship. If you dream about others kissing, the interpretation is that you're too involved in someone else's life or personal relationship. You must give them a bigger space. If the dream ends just about how you are about to kiss someone, the interpretation is that you are unsure that the person feels something for you. You are looking a relationship with this person, but you're not sure how will go the achievement of it. If you are heterosexual and you dream about kissing someone of the same sex, the interpretation represents a self-acceptance. You recognize your female or male side. If you dream that you are kissed represents also self-acceptance and self-love. You must accept and love yourself as you are, even with defects or deficiencies. The meaning of dreaming that you kiss someone's hand means respect. If you kiss someone's foot, the interpretation means respect and humility. If you kiss someone on the cheek or someone kisses you on the cheek, the interpretation represents admiration, courtesy, respect, friendship and consideration. If you dream about kissing someone on the neck or vice versa, then the interpretation is related to uninhibited passion or lust. You give in to your physical desires. If you dream that you kiss someone else but your boyfriend or girlfriend, the interpretation represents your desire to be in a relationship and to experience the energy of love. Maybe you're a little bit jealous. You could act in a sexual manner and the desire awakens the passion. Alternatively, The meaning of this dream indicates a lack of integrity of you. If you kiss a close friend, the interpretation is related to your respect and adoration for that friend. You are looking for an intimate approach, which is missing in real life. The dream may or may not signify a romantic interest for that person. The meaning of dreaming that you kiss a stranger represents recognition and acceptance of an aspect that you repressed. If you are kissed by a stranger, the interpretation means self-discovery. You need to know some aspects about yourself. If you dream about kissing an enemy, the interpretation means betrayal, hostility or reconciliation with an angry friend. You have to also consider 'the kiss of death? saying. If someone tries to kiss you against your will, the interpretation is that someone imposes you his own ideas, beliefs and opinions. The person forces you to do something you really don't want to do. This dream may also mean that you do not accept repressed aspects of yourself.

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