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Dream interpretation - Killing


The interpretation of dreaming that you kill someone is that you're about to lose your temper and self-control. You must take into account the person that you killed and ask yourself if you feel anger towards her in real life. Your dream can express a hidden anger. Alternatively, the interpretation of this dream is that you want to kill an aspect of yourself, which is represented by the killed person. Identify the characteristics of that person and ask yourself which of these you try to put to an end. If you dream that you are killed, the interpretation is that your actions are not connected to your emotions and consciousness. The dream refers to the drastic changes you're trying to make. There is a characteristic or a habit that you want to get rid of. The killing represents the removal of part old or habits. Alternatively, the interpretation of this dream represents the feeling of disappointment or betrayal to someone in real life. You feel overwhelmed, shocked and disappointed.

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