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Dream interpretation - Home


Seeing your house into your dream means security, basic needs and values. The meaning of this dream is that you might feel like 'home” at your new job or environment. Alternatively, the dream signifies the basic needs and the priorities. Especially, seeing your childhood home, your city or a house where you lived in previously, The meaning of this dream is that you have your own desires to build a family, or might be related to your family ideologies. This reflects, also, aspects of you that were prominent, or developed during living into that house. It is possible to occur some unfinished feelings, which are started by a waking life situation. Alternatively, the dream interpretation can refer that you have an obsolete thinking. The meaning of dreaming that you can't find your way back home is that lost the self confidence and the faith in yourself. This can mean, also, a major transition in your life.

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