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Dream interpretation - Gloves


The meaning of seeing or wearing gloves in your dream is about how you handle things. You begin to have control over a problem. Alternatively, The meaning of this dream might be that your creative skills are still latent. You need to recognize and express that creative side of yours. The meaning of dreaming that you take off the gloves symbolizes respect. The meaning of dreaming about wearing work gloves is related to a difficult situation that could get you dirty on your hands. If you wear driving gloves, then the interpretation is that you need to take control of your life. If you wear boxing gloves, the interpretation is that you are involved in a kind of conflict. Is there something in your life that you face with? Wearing white gloves in your dream signifies luxury and wealth. If you dream that you throw a glove on the floor, the interpretation is that you need to challenge or to ask someone about a problem that bothers you.

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