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Dream interpretation - Gift,Present


The meaning of dreaming that you give a gift is related to your generosity towards others. Alternatively, you could try to express some feeling or to have something strange to say, that must be carefully packed in a more pleasant way. If you give someone many gifts, then the dream's interpretation is that you are overly insistent with your advices. Or that you are trying too hard to be accepted. The meaning of dreaming about buying or giving someone expensive gifts is related to the sacrifices you make for that person. You want to make him / her feel important. The dream's interpretation of receiving a gift is that you are recognized and rewarded for your generosity and your giver nature. You are held in high esteem by those around you. If someone gives you an inappropriate gift, then the dream's interpretation is that you get unwanted attention from someone. If you dream you give someone an inappropriate gift, the interpretation is that your true way of being, will eventually be exposed. Analyze the given or received gift, for an additional interpretation. Seeing a lot of gifts symbolizes unused or unrecognized skills or talents. The dream's interpretation of opening a gift and finding something disgusting inside is unexpected disappointments or failures.

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