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Dream interpretation - Garage


The interpretation of dreaming about being in a garage is related to a period of inactivity and idleness in your life. You feel lacking direction or guidance in achieving your goals. If you dream that you park your car in the garage, the interpretation is related to the security and stability brought by your accomplishments and your efforts. The interpretation of dreaming that you open your garage door is that you made a decision on an issue. You decided on the path you want to take to achieve your goals, and to take advantage of the opportunities. On the other hand, if you close the garage door, the dream's interpretation is that you put aside your goals for the good of those around you. The interpretation of dreaming that there is a homeless family who lives in your garage is that something is missing in your life. Maybe you are heading in the wrong direction. The path you took makes you feel unhappy and unfulfilled. Alternatively, the interpretation is that you need more resources and you have to try to bring out the best in an undesirable situation.

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