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Dream interpretation - Foot,Feet,Leg


The interpretation of seeing your own feet in a dream represents your foundation, stability and sense of understanding. This means your need to be more practical and sensible. Keep your both feet on the ground. Alternatively, the interpretation of the feet represents mobility, independence and freedom. Maybe you took a step in the right direction and think about your goals or to the next step. Consider also a pun like 'to get back on your feet”. The interpretation of dreaming that you wash your feet is that others can easily take advantage of you. For Christians, washing the feet symbolizes forgiveness and compassion. If someone kisses your feet, the interpretation signifies humbleness, humility, and devotion. The interpretation of dreaming that you have smelly feet is that you have to be careful about the next step. If you dream that someone smells your feet, the interpretation is that someone is watching every step you make. The interpretation of dream that you smell someone else's feet is that you follow someone else's path in life, instead of following your own path. In particular, for people in India, to dream about feet can be symbolic of divine qualities, because feet are considered the most sacred part of the body. If you dream about your feet, the interpretation is that you regained the confidence to get up and take back control. This also implies progress and the ability to navigate through life. If the legs are weak, the interpretation is that you may feel emotionally vulnerable. If you dream that you cross your feet, the interpretation is related to your defense and your sullen attitude. If you dream about someone else's feet, the interpretation represents your admiration for that person. You feel the need to adopt one of the ways this person does something. If you dream that your feet are broken, hurt or paralyzed, the interpretation represents a lack of balance, autonomy or independence in your life. You may be unable or unwilling to get yourself up. Maybe you're lacking courage and refuse to take a position. If you're a woman and you dream that your legs are hairy, the interpretation is that you're too dominating. You have too much control in a relationship. If you try to cover your hairy legs, the interpretation represents your passive aggressive nature. If you dream that one of the legs is shorter than the other, the interpretation is that there is an imbalance in some aspect of your life. You focus on one single thing, while ignoring other important issues that need attention. If you dream that you have three or more legs, the interpretation is that you take too many projects. You assume too much work to take care of. Some of these projects will prove counterproductive. If you dream you have a stick or a wooden leg, the interpretation is that the balance was restored in your chaotic and hectic life. You have the opportunity to rise again, with the help and support of the others. Alternatively, the dream may tell you to slow down.

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