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Dream interpretation - Fence


The interpretation of seeing a fence in your dream is that there is an obstacle or barrier that can stand in your way. You may feel limited and restricted in expressing yourself. Do you feel restricted or fenced in a situation or in a relationship? Alternatively, the fence symbolizes the need for privacy. You attempt to close yourself to the rest of the world. If there is a hole in the fence, then the dream's interpretation is that you can overcome and conquer any obstacle you might get in your way. This may also mean that your privacy is compromised. To dream that you climb a fence denotes success. If eventually you jump over the fence, the interpretation is that you will realize your desires through some not really legitimate ways. If you dream that you are on top the fence, the interpretation is that you are undecided about something. The interpretation of dreaming about building a fence is that you build a solid foundation for your success. Alternatively, the interpretation might be that you block something or that you sink in yourself. The interpretation of dreaming that you fell from a fence is that you are exceeded in terms of a project, which you are dealing with. The interpretation of seeing a fence in the water in your dream is related to an emotional barrier that you build around you. You afraid to display your true feelings and you don't want to let people discover you. The fence's appearance is similar to your emotional state.

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