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Dream interpretation - Elevator


If you dream that you get in an elevator, the interpretation is increasing wealth and status. You may have reached a higher level of consciousness and look at the world from an elevated viewpoint. If the elevator moves up without a modern control or hits the roof, then the interpretation is that you're thrown into a position of power, in which you don't know yet how to deal with. You are afraid of new responsibilities for you. If the elevator goes down, the interpretation is that you got down or get real. The dream also signifies failures and misfortunes. In general, the action of the elevator to go up and down is the ups and downs in your life. The meaning of this dream also is related to your emotions and thoughts that are developing and sink into your subconscious. Alternatively, the dream may have sexual connotations. If you dream elevator is wrong or doesn't give you permission to stop it, then the interpretation is that your emotions are out of control. The dream may be a reflection of your life or career. You feel stuck in some aspects of your life, whether it's about your career, your relationship, etc. If you dream elevator moves laterally, the interpretation is that your efforts are counterproductive. You don't go anywhere in your work, in relationships or other situation.

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