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Dream interpretation - Eagle


The meaning of seeing an eagle in your dream means purification and understanding. It is suggested that past experiences will offer you invaluable insight into a situation or current problem. Learn from the past! Alternatively, The meaning of an eagle is that you or someone is opportunistic. Someone is watching you and waiting for you to make a misstep. You feel that someone take advantage of you or uses you. Sometimes, an eagle is also a symbol of death and rebirth. If you dream about an eagle, the interpretation represents nobility, pride, anger, freedom, superiority, courage and great intellectual capacity. It also represents self-renewal and connection to your spirituality. You will fight fiercely and courageously to achieve your highest ambitions and greatest desires. The meaning of dreaming about a chained or trapped eagle represents a desperate situation where you feel restricted and limited. You are unable to express yourself and to be who you really want to be. Consider, also, to what is the eagle caught, for additional clues about what might prevent you to advance. If you dream about a young eagles nest, the interpretation represents your accomplishments and your advancement on the social ladder. The meaning of dreaming about killing an eagle signifies your cruelty. You will not let anything get in your way to achieving your goals, even if it may hurt those around you. If someone else kills an eagle is that your fame, fortune and power you will be taken without mercy. If you dream that you eat an eagle's flash, the interpretation is that your strong character will lead you to greater prosperity and influence.

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