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Dream interpretation - Dress


The interpretation of seeing or wearing a dress in your dream represents a female perspective on a situation. You freely express your femininity. If you are a man and you dream about wearing a dress, the interpretation is that others question your sexuality. Or that you feel sexually insecure. The interpretation of dreaming that you wear a white dress is that you wish to appear pure and angelical to others. Perhaps you try to look innocent. If the dress has another color, look for the specific color, for extra interpretation. The interpretation of wearing a wedding dress in your dream is that you evaluate your personal relationship. If you or someone wears a wedding dress in an inappropriate situation, the interpretation is that you feel inferior or unworthy. The interpretation of seeing or wearing an evening dress in your dream represents joy, social pleasure, grace and culture. It also represents the image you project to others. Think about the color and the design of the dress for extra interpretation. If the dress is very elegant and decorated, then the interpretation means an elaborated lifestyle and luxury. If the dress is simple, the interpretation suggests a simplified lifestyle. Alternatively, to dream of wearing an evening dress indicates that you are in pursuit of happiness.

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