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Dream interpretation - Dead


The interpretation of seeing or talking to dead people in your dream warns you that you're influenced by negative people and you season in a circle. This dream may also be a way to resolve your feelings with those who have passed into the afterlife. Alternatively, the dream symbolizes material losses. If you dream about a person who died a long time ago, the interpretation is that a current situation or relationship in your life looks like the quality of the deceased. The dream can describe how you have to leave this situation or relationship to die, so to end. The interpretation of seeing or talking to your dead parents represents your fears of losing them, or your way of coping with their loss. Use the dream as a last opportunity to say your final goodbye. The interpretation of seeing your brother / sister, a relative or a friend who is dead in reality, alive in your dream, is that you miss them and you try to relive your past experiences you had with them. In an attempt to keep up with the pace of your daily life, your dreams may serve as the only way to cope with the loss of a loved one. Dreaming about your child, which is dead, is a way of keeping him alive, through your dreams. For a parent, to lose a child is extremely difficult. Such dreams occur because is not yet possible to accept or understand how or why the child was taken from you so quickly.

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