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Dream interpretation - Crowd


The meaning of dreaming that you are part of a crowd is that you need some space for yourself. You need loneliness to reflect on a situation and to recharge your energy. Consider also the familiar expression 'to go with the herd” (to go with the crowd), which requires compliance and lack of individuality. Perhaps you feel that your opinion doesn't matter. On the other hand, The meaning of this dream is that you must include various aspects of the crowd in your own person. The meaning of dreaming that you're not part of a crowd, or that you separate from the crowd, is that you feel neglected, left behind. On the other hand, the dream symbolizes your individualism. You are your own person and you're not afraid to express your own opinions. The meaning of seeing an undisciplined crowd in your dream is that the worries and problems around, press you. You express serious troubles. The meaning of seeing a happy, orderly crowd in your dream is that you have a strong social support system.

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