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Dream interpretation - Closet,Locker


If you dream that you use a closet, the interpretation is related to some own issues that were kept inside. You need to consider what elements and objects are in the closet. In particular, if you dream about a school locker, the interpretation is that there are hidden feelings, knowledge and attitudes that you need to learn and / or to know. If you dream about a sports locker, then the interpretation is related to your physical abilities that you still need to recognize them. You experience some physical limitations. If you dream that you can't open your locker or that you forgot the combination, then the interpretation is that you are not sure where you are, in a certain situation. You feel that you lost a proper look. In other words, you're on a shaky ground. If you can't find your closet, the interpretation is related to your insecurity about the role or position in a situation. If you dream that someone else is using your closet, then the dream's interpretation is that someone can see through you and through your face. You feel that this person has access to your hidden self.

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