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Dream interpretation - Breath


The meaning of dreaming that you have a fast breath is that you are dealing with anxiety, tension or fear about a new situation in real life. If you dream that you're breathing under water, the interpretation represents a new refuge in the uterus. You want to go back to a state where you were addicted and without responsibilities. Perhaps you feel helpless, unable to meet your own needs and the care for yourself. Alternatively, The meaning of this dream might be that you sink into your own emotions. The meaning of dreaming that you can't breathe is that you feel exhausted. People with asthma often have dreams in which they are not able to breathe. If you dream that someone breathe in your mouth, the interpretation is that you will have to include aspects of that person in your own self. If this person is no longer alive, then the interpretation is that he or she is still alive in you. New Year's Eve The meaning of dreaming about New Year's Eve represents prosperity, hope, new beginnings and an opportunity to make yourself a new beginning. It also represents the initiation of new projects or a fresh perspective on life. On a spiritual level, The meaning of the New Year represents enlightenment or a newfound understanding.

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