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Dream interpretation - Boyfriend


If you dream about your boyfriend, the interpretation represents the real relationship that you have with him and how you feel about him. If you dream that your boyfriend goes away while you're with your friends, the interpretation is that you don't spend enough time with friends. You need some time away from your boyfriend, to hang out with your friends. If you dream that your boyfriend is dead, the interpretation is that something inside you, that was not working anymore, is 'dead”. You are not allowed to fully express yourself. Also, the dream is symbolic of your own relationship with that person. Maybe you need to let go of this relationship. Alternatively, The meaning of this dream is related to a new step in your relationship. Maybe you will get engaged. If your boyfriend is away and your dreams about him imply a lot of touches indicates how much you miss his presence and his approach. The dream tells you not to take things day after day by themselves. Learn to cherish the little things in life. The dream may also mean that the relationship moves to a new level, in which you express some anxieties and concerns about changing the situation. You may feel out of his life or you're unable to take part in all his experiences. The dream helps you to reduce the lack of trust and communication. If you dream you have a new boyfriend, different that the one you have in real life, the interpretation is that your existing relationship switched to a higher level. The relationship was shifted to a deeper stage. If you dream that you pretend you're someone's boyfriend, the interpretation is that you're not prepared to establish a relationship with commitment. You don't want to be tied up by force.

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