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Dream interpretation - Birth


If you dream that you or someone else gives birth, the interpretation is that you give birth to a new idea or project. The dream also represents a new attitude, fresh beginnings or a major event. Alternatively, the dream may draw attention to the child in you and on your potential that grows. If you dream you give birth to twins, the interpretation represents contradictory ideas. If you give birth to quadruplets in your dream, the interpretation is that you pass through a positive transformation that makes you feel as good as new. A more direct interpretation of this dream can be represented by desires / anxieties of a birth or anticipating that such event can occur. If you dream you give birth to a non-human creature, then the interpretation is related to your overwhelming (and unfounded) fear for the health of your child. You're too concerned that your child may have birth defects. This type of dream is common in pregnant women in the second quarter. If you're not pregnant, then The meaning of this dream is related to your fear for the result of a decision or project. You try to overcome the difficulties in your life and get an inner development. Especially, if you dream that you gave birth to a monster, the interpretation is that your creative energy is not opened, it didn't flourish in expression. You might have some hesitation in releasing this 'monster”, for fear that others will judge you or will not accept your ideals. If you dream that the mother dies during the birth, the interpretation represents the transformation. The dream represents the end of one thing (death) and the beginning of another (birth). You can make changes in your life or get rid of your old habits and moods. If you dream that a child dies during the birth, then the interpretation suggests that you have difficulties in getting pregnant. The dream may also reflect your anxiety about caring a child.

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