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Dream interpretation - Bath


The dream's interpretation of taking a bath is an outside and inside cleaning of yourself. You clean the worries and the hard times. This dream may also be a symbol of your disposal of ideas, concepts or old opinions, and other negativities. Your dream can be directed toward forgiveness. The meaning of dreaming that you bath someone is that you are looking for a stronger link with that person. The meaning of dreaming that you are in bathroom is related to your instinctual needs. You might have some tasks / feelings that you have to "ease". Alternatively, the dream's interpretation of a bathroom is purification and self-renewal. You must clean, both emotionally and psychologically as well. The meaning of dreaming that you are in a public restroom without walls, or that there are a lot of people around you while you trying to pee, is that you are frustrated about the fact that you don't have enough private space. You always put others before your own needs. Therefore, you lack a sense of personal space. Alternatively, the dream's interpretation is that you are facing difficulties to get rid of old feelings. You are afraid that if you reveal these feelings, then others will judge and criticize you. The meaning of dreaming that you are in an opposite gender's bathroom is that you overcome your own limits. You crossed the line in some situations. The meaning of dreaming that you can't find a bathroom or you have difficulties finding one is that you have difficulties expressing your emotions. You suppress your true feelings about something.

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