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Dream interpretation - Baggage,Luggage


The dream's interpretation of seeing or transporting luggage is related to the problems and things that you carry on your shoulders and burdens you. You feel like you are retained by the old emotions or problems. Alternatively, baggage symbolizes your identity. If you dream that you transport luggage, then the interpretation is that there are many desires, worries, responsibilities or needs that you carry with you and pull you down. The size or weight of luggage coincides with demands that you face. You should reduce desires and problems in order to alleviate the pressure that is put on you. Maybe you feel like you are stuck by emotions or past problems. Alternatively, the baggage symbolizes identity and the feeling of security. If you dream that you lost luggage, the interpretation is related to a loss of your identity. Think about how you felt when you found that the baggage was lost. If it is a positive reaction, then it means an opportunity for a new start. If the reaction is negative, then the dream's interpretation is that you feel lost.

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