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In order to correctly interpret your dreams meaning, you need to remember as many details you can, even if these don’t seem important at first sight, they will be important to give a personal interpretation, linked to your feelings and situations in which you are while dreaming.

     Each symbol in your dreams can be searched individually to find its meaning, is possible that this seems absurd but, along with the others, it will form an image of your subconscious. So, for each dream, look for at least 3-4 symbols that you remember and try an interpretation, then reading only one, thinking that probably this is the inside message.

          Dreams are an open window to our own subconscious, an interface to the information stored in our “personal computer”, which is the human brain, the most complex organ of ours, the only one who can give you some answers to your questions, fears and anxieties. In the meaning of dreams you will find a spiritual guide, always available, which offers you a symbolic interpretation of memories and situations in which you are now or you may be in the future.
  These are the most dreamed symbols :







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