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Dream interpretation - Disease


The interpretation of dreaming that you got a disease is a warning to a disease or a physical pain. Sometimes, dreams are able to diagnose a disease before you become aware of symptoms. Alternatively, the interpretation of a disease in your dream may be related to some fear or stress you face in waking life. The interpretation of dreaming that you have a disease is desperation, unpleasant changes or emotional separation. The disease can be symbolically your inability to cope with a situation. You see that being sick is easier when you look from outside. Or, this dream's interpretation might be that you have to give more attention to your health, especially in areas of the body discovered in your dream. Especially if you dream that you have a terminal illness, or any disease, the interpretation is that you live on a 'borrowed time”. The dream reminds you that life is too precious and you need to do as many daily. Alternatively, the interpretation of having a terminal disease in your dream is despair, pain and self-pity. What part of your life makes you feel this way?

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